Wednesday, October 26, 2005

more talk with the little guy

ok, this is from the same conversation. I have not spoken with him since this day...Thank goodness..

ok he says I am a sponge because I do not have a job, and that i should take my kids and drown them in lake like Susan Smith...he really did...i swear....

Lets see, he said I was a crazy bitch, to which I humbly agreed. I told him he was a stupid little fu*k. To which he became more irrate.

He told me he comes from money, and that his house has many differnt wings on it...LOL..I bout peed myself...he lives with his mom and dad because his house went to the bank..

He told me that Id ont have enough sex either....Too which I told him. I am much to tired to even worry about such matters.

which is true as well..LOL

Sunday, October 23, 2005

this is what he told me

Ok, so the midget stalked me today. Yes I was the target of a very hystriacal and amusing wrath of a little man.

I was just simply on checking my mail, when I found myself being stalked by the midget. I had a rolling laugh. He went on to tell me about how my kids are ugly, my marriage is going to pot, and my mother tells him I am a liar.

I told him.." wow, how do u know all this stuff, this is very amazing"....He thought he was getting me going, when in fact I was loving every minute of it....we went on for damn near and hour. It was the best hour I have had in a long time.

He also went on about all the ways he pleasured my mother in bed. I am like gag me. I told him I thought he was gay.( not that there is anything wrong with that...but he was telling me how he likes to put his u know what in u know where)...

He went on to tell me, how I was embred and crazy like my mother. To which I agreed. I told him my sister and I both have 3 eyes, and crazy like a fox.

He told me how i mooch off my hubby and that I am only with him for his money..So I had to let him down by telling him, its not the money honey..LOL....he told me how he has a house bigger than mine....ok, so good for you, but i could of swore u lived with your mom cause your home was re-poed....and what does the size of my house have to do with anything?......ok, someone is trying to compinsate for being such a little boy"

I tell you, I had the best time. He was trying so hard to make me mad, only thing is he was just proving how freaking crazy I thought he was.

I am going to devote this site to him....whether or not we ever exchange words again, I will still put all my good thoughts about him here. I have many more tales to tell...not just of our conversation, but the twisted things i know about him.

This is all for now......I hope u have enjoyed your first dose.....